At the bar, on aperitif saucers
At the bar, on aperitif saucers
On this sheet: Batman, a mutant-spiderman-ironface, a tattooed arm, a face of a bald man, a cyberg-blow-job, Batman on his motorbike and a death city...
On this sheet: a lot of fucking characters
It always happens when I meet a blackboard...
It always happens when I drink my favorite apertitivo...
Small pussies grow
The look of love...
Take me out
If you had not understood, I love Ironman and Spiderman
Oh, I don't know, really...
On this sheet: Deadpool, Venom, Ironman, a stupid Spidey, a snail, a child with a strange mask, a little little Splatty and a really strange creature
Splatty can't die
Splatty kills
Splatty kills again
Catwoman mask on a napkin
A strange god
Women's shoes
A woman and her bubbles
I draw myself, imitating the style of Schiele
And now?
Oh my god, what have I done?
Superheroes Superheroes Superheroes Superheroes Superheroes...
Fat man wathcing tv
DEICIDE, past and present
While I wait for the render...
Ridiculous Batman
Characters study for... I don't remember, sorry.
The Executioner (Boia in italian)
Thor cartoon version
The Thing
Eyes Wide Shut (study for a Calendar)
Robo sketch #01
Stewie, Bender, Roger and Burt
Venom vs Moon Knight
Robo sketch #02
Robo sketch #03
Art (Monsters University) evil version
Study for a logo
Pussy or black bloc?
Freehand (double)
I hate ducks
Social network a fuck!
Strange creature
Just Milan APEritivo...
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